Now You Can Also Able To Become Pregnant With The Help Of Fake Pregnant Belly

The fake belly is made up of with the platinum that too with the medical grade with hypoallergenic silicone and gives you the feel of astonishingly. The fake pregnant belly can suit for anybody shapes and sizes and it would be easy to make use of it.

How can you create your own fake pregnant belly?

If you wish to create your own 7 to 8 month pregnant belly as per your wish then you can make it by your own by following the simple steps as follows

  • You have to choose helmet which would serve as your baby bump, while you choose try to avoid using the facemask because that would look as like a bumpy and strange.
  • Then you have to apply your masking tape over the top of the helmet to hide the ridges.
  • There is a need for you to secure or remove the hanging straps on helmet.
  • After that you have to attach that along with your helmet to your torso.
  • It is required for you to wrap an elastic athletic bandage several times around your back.
  • You have to secure them by using some of the masking tape and make them tight and fit it properly.
  • After completing everything you wear a shirt which would act as the best complements for your fake pregnant belly.

Even you can combine two different blanket and form belly

If you don’t have helmet then you doesn’t want to think and worry about that because by adding up the two blankets you can able to form your dummy belly.

  • For that you have to choose up the medium thickness and size.
  • You have to fold the first blanket into a diamond shape and get ready.
  • Then in the second blanket you have to ball up which would create an external fake belly.
  • After that you have to keep and fold one above the other to form the perfect shape.
  • Then you have to attach them along with your torso and cover them with a shirt over the fake belly.

Fake pregnant belly for husband